June 22, 2017

Dan Juster releases new book on Christian Zionism

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UMJC pioneer Dr. Daniel Juster has recently published a new book, Passion for Israel: A Short History of the Evangelical Church’s Commitment to the Jewish People and Israel (Clarksville, MD: Lederer Books, 2012). According to Dr. Juster, the book addresses two misconceptions about Christian support for Israel and the Jewish people: first, that such support is part of one particular and fairly recent theological perspective; and second, that Christian love for the Jews is fickle, and ends when Christians see that their evangelistic efforts toward the Jewish people have failed. To clear up these misconceptions, Juster provides a brief history of Christian support for the Jewish people, going back to the Puritan movement of the sixteenth century. A belief in the continued election of Israel and the eventual restoration of the Jewish people prevailed among many early Christian leaders such as Samuel Rutherford and John Milton in England, Increase Mather and Jonathan Edwards in America, and Count von Zinzendorf in Germany, and has continued through today. Juster argues that this pro-Jewish stance has not been conditional on Jews accepting Yeshua, but is based on a deep love and respect for the Jewish people. 

For a review of Passion for Israel, go to the Advocacy Blog at umjc.org. For ordering information, visit www.messianicjewish.net. 

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