UMJC Welcomes New Executive Director

At the July 16 closing service of the recent UMJC International Conference, Executive Committee members and Past Presidents prayed for Monique Brumbach as incoming Executive Director, after delegates a few days before confirmed her appointment by an 80 percent majority.

Monique is a granddaughter of German Jewish Holocaust survivors, a human rights lawyer, and an experienced non-profit manager. She has been involved in the UMJC since her Bat Mitzvah in 1994, when her parents founded Adat Yeshua, the first Messianic Jewish congregation in New Orleans.

Throughout her academic and professional career, Monique’s faith in Yeshua and identity as a Messianic Jew have animated her pursuit of justice on behalf of vulnerable and marginalized people. As the Refugee Project Director of Human Rights USA, she tripled the organization’s budget and staff capacity, and provided life-saving legal services to torture survivors and women fleeing human trafficking and other forms of abuse in their home countries. As the Advocacy Director of Falling Whistles, Monique helped to expand the organization’s budget and led a grassroots campaign for peace in Congo, which contributed to the demise of central Africa’s deadliest rebel group.

Monique lives in Los Angeles with her three-year-old son and her husband, Rabbi Joshua Brumbach, who serves Ahavat Zion Messianic Synagogue as its Senior Rabbi. She comments:

I am honored by the appointment to serve the UMJC as its next Executive Director. For over two decades, the Union has provided me and my family with vital resources, training opportunities, and a rich network of friends and mentors. I am deeply moved by the opportunity to help lead the Union into the future, ensuring its continued support for a new generation of Messianic Jewish leaders, while honoring the pioneering generation of founders who have laid a strong foundation for our continued success.

Together, we look forward to building even stronger programs that strengthen our member congregations, including:

  • Leadership development and skills training for rabbis and lay leaders,
  • Practical assistance for congregations in crisis or transition,
  • Education resources and new literature for children and adults,
  • Continued development of younger leaders, and
  • Collaboration with other Messianic organizations and ministries.

At the same meeting, the delegates approved a new staff position of Rabbinic Counsel, which Russ Resnik will fill in a two-year pilot program. This part-time position focuses on rabbinic and pastoral support that is outside of the Executive Director role, but of vital benefit to our member congregations. Russ comments:

I am excited about the appointment of Monique Brumbach as our new Executive Director. She combines long experience in the UMJC and loyalty to our founding vision with a fresh perspective as a younger. non-rabbinic leader. She has already articulated compelling ideas for raising the value of UMJC membership for our congregations, and for increasing the impact and influence of our Union. I’m also excited about my new role, which will empower me to continue to serve the UMJC community in ways that are deeply aligned with my gifting and calling for the next phase of my life. I believe it will be a substantial enhancement of UMJC membership.

Monique Brumbach will begin her service as Executive Director on October 1.

Monique Brumbach