April 18, 2014

Uniting and strengthening Jewish congregations that honor Yeshua the Messiah of Israel

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2014 International Conference

Limud: To Learn and to Teach

Week One: Pray for personal union with Messiah Yeshua.

Passover 5774. Zeman herutenu, the season of our freedom.

We Live in a World Awaiting Redemption.

13-Lifting-Torah-cThis redemption is promised in the Hebrew Scriptures, and over the centuries Jewish prophets and sages have kept it alive. In recent times, multitudes of Jewish people have become convinced that this hope is embodied in Yeshua of Nazareth, the promised Messiah.

Many of these new Jewish believers were moved to follow Yeshua from within their Jewish community and traditions—as Messianic Jews. Joined by non-Jewish friends who shared their love for the people and the God of Israel, they began to meet together and form congregations in cities throughout the world…

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… In 1979, a group of these congregations joined forces as the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, to play their part in the drama of redemption through five major objectives:

  • To further the initiation, establishment, and growth of Messianic Jewish congregations worldwide.
  • To be a voice for Messianic Jewish congregations and Messianic Judaism worldwide.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to Messianic Judaism and Messianic Jewish congregations.
  • To aid in the causes of our Jewish people worldwide, especially in Israel.
  • To support the training of Messianic leaders.

Today, the UMJC continues in this vision, uniting and strengthening Jewish congregations that honor Yeshua the Messiah of Israel.

Our Core Values

Defining Messianic Judaism

Statement of Faith

Jewish Identity

Weekly Torah Study

Upcoming Events

Passover: Season of our Freedom
Apr 14 – Apr 22 all-day
Passover: Season of our Freedom

“This will be a day for you to remember and celebrate as a festival to Adonai; from generation to generation you are to celebrate it by a perpetual regulation.” Ex 12:14 CJB

Prayer Campaign: “Standing firm in one spirit”
Apr 15 – Jun 3 all-day

Prayer Campaign April 15 – June 3 (Alternate dates April 19 – June 7)

“Standing firm in one spirit” Phil. 1:27

Every year between Passover and Shavuot, UMJC congregations, supporters, and friends join in 49 days of focused prayer based on the tradition of counting the Omer (Lev. 23:15-16).

Starting the second night of Passover, participants unite in focused prayer each evening throughout the period, putting aside a dollar each day, and concluding with a special offering for Shavuot. This year we’ll pray together for unity and strength in Messiah for the entire Messianic Jewish community, including ourselves personally, our own congregations, and the community as a whole.

Week 1: Personal union with Messiah Yeshua.
Week 2: Unity in Messiah for your home congregation or chavurah.
Week 3: Unity in Messiah for the entire Messianic Jewish community.
Week 4: Personal strength in the Messiah Yeshua.
Week 5: Strength in Messiah Yeshua for your home congregation or chavurah.
Week 6: Strength in Messiah Yeshua for the entire Messianic Jewish community.
Week 7: Union and strength through the Ruach, with focus on Shavuot at the end of week seven.

The Shavuot offering will help unite and strengthen Messianic Jewish congregations by funding:
• Scholarships and internship grants for emerging young leaders.
• Outstanding education and training for veteran leaders.
• Advocacy for Israel and the Jewish people.
• Special activities and gatherings for youth and young adults.
• Resource development for local congregations.
• A testimony for Messiah Yeshua within the Jewish community.
Plus, a tithe of the offering will go to similar efforts in Israel.

To help advance all these efforts, and more like them, our goal for this year’s Shavuot offering is $36,000. You can help make it happen with your prayer-offering of $1.00 (or more!) each evening of counting the Omer

Download your copy of the prayer guide right here!

Kabbetz HaEsrim 20s Gathering @ Adventure Links Base Camp
May 23 – May 26 all-day
Kabbetz HaEsrim 20s Gathering @ Adventure Links Base Camp | Clifton | Virginia | United States

This Memorial Day weekend experience Kabbetz like never before – in the great outdoors! Escape the noise, chaos, and bustle of the city and ascend to friendship, peace, and serene natural beauty as we unravel truths about God’s promises to His people: He is the Lord who restores us body, mind, and soul.

City dwellers, have no fear! Our venue comes with indoor cabins, equipped with the furnishings of civilization.

Our breathtaking outdoors venue will have the best nature has to offer, without roughing it too much! Not only will we welcome Shabbat with the very creation being commemorated, we will spend three days filled with music, dance, campfires, food, fun, dynamic learning, and fellowship.

The theme this year will be from Exodus 15:26. “For I am the LORD who restores you.” So come, be restored and renewed and don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to join together with your peers to learn, be encouraged, and meet some great people and make some great friends.

This year, let’s really make this retreat a priority. The movement needs it. You need it.


Memorial Day Weekend, May 23 – May 26. Fly in Friday before Shabbat and fly out Monday.

Washington, DC area at Adventure Links base camp.
The address is 13220 Yates Ford Road Clifton, VA 20124.
A shuttle will be provided for transportation from Reagan National Airport to the venue.
COST: The early registration price is $135 — all inclusive. The early registration deadline is midnight March 30, 2014.

REGISTER HERE: www.regonline.com/kabbetz2014

The UMJC 20s committee

Please spread the word. We’ll see you in DC!!!

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Standing Firm in One Spirit

2014 Prayer Campaign, April 15-June 3


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