The Union is unique in our focus on raising up the next generation of Messianic Jewish leaders, defending the rights of Messianic Jews in Israel, and helping you bring Messianic Judaism into your home.

We rely on your generous support to continue investing in emerging leaders. In 2019, we are supporting 4 full-time rabbinic interns and 5 yeshiva students with generous stipends and scholarships. These young people are vital to the future of our movement. We are grateful for their willingness to serve our congregations sacrificially! Please consider making a generous gift to support our Leadership Development programs, so that we won’t have to turn away anyone who is qualified for our support.

We also provide critical support to congregations in times of crisis and transition. Rabbi Russ Resnik, one of the early pioneers of Messianic Judaism, serves our entire Union as a coach, mentor, and consultant. If his patience, generosity, and wisdom have helped you or your congregation’s leaders, consider supporting the Rabbinic Counsel program on an ongoing basis.

Thank you for partnering with the Union to unite and strengthen Jewish congregations that honor Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel!