Kehilah 2020

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We turn millennials into Messianic Jewish leaders.

Through the K20 Program, the Union works to build the Messianic Jewish future by training and developing new generations of communal and congregational leaders. We identify emerging leaders within the Messianic Jewish community, and provide them with yeshiva scholarships, paid internships, mentoring, and pulpit placement.

Since establishing the K20 Program in 2012, the Union has invested in 28 program participants, and celebrated the rabbinic ordination of 5 program graduates. As of 2019, 8 program participants are actively pursuing rabbinic ordination.

Jared, former rabbinic intern in New Haven, CT

Jared, former rabbinic intern in New Haven, CT

“K20’s Intership Program allowed me to leave my old job, and work full-time at my synagogue. Now that my internship is completed, K20 continues supporting my pursuit of rabbinic studies. I truly would have been unable to pursue my calling without it.”

Rabbi Aaron, K20 graduate and senior rabbi in northern Virginia

Rabbi Aaron, K20 graduate and senior rabbi in northern Virginia

“I’ve always wanted to do things that make a difference, helping people and sharing the love of God. Serving as a rabbi has felt like the culmination of my journey toward a life of service to the Messiah. I finally feel that I’m walking in the center of my calling.”

David, K20 scholar in Richmond, VA

David, K20 scholar in Richmond, VA

“I love to walk alongside people in grief, joy, and major decisions. Not everyone is called to be a pulpit rabbi, but I’m blessed to be able to walk in that calling. I can’t believe that this is a job, it fits me so well. Thank you for investing in me, with God’s help it will be a good investment in the Kingdom.”


We depend on donor support to fund our scholarship, internship, mentoring, and pulpit placement programs. Your support makes a meaningful impact on the next generation of Messianic Jewish leaders, ensuring a bright future for our movement.


Interested in joining the K20 program as a scholar or intern?

Contact for more information.

Applicants must be members in good standing of a UMJC member congregation between the ages of 18 - 39. Scholarship funds are only available for coursework at UMJC-approved schools (Messianic Jewish Theological Institute, The King’s University Messianic Jewish Studies Program, and Netzer David Yeshiva).